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Asabio CBD Massage Body Oil

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  • In order to find calm and serenity after a busy day or a sports activity, it is important to moisturize and massage your skin with natural and beneficial ingredients. With laboratory body oil  ASABIO, naturally restore your skin to its original beauty, and relax in a deep and restful way thanks to a moisturizing and regenerating massage for your SKIN.

    Using hemp as the key ingredient, ASABIO's body oil is a natural compendium of benefits from this plant with a thousand benefits: recognized for its high composition of fatty acids and minerals, it deeply hydrates your skin and restore its natural glow. By combining the action of  CBD (Cannabidiol), a cannabinoid recognized for its action  antioxidant and regenerating  strong, relax your skin and your body without attacking the pores of your skin. This oil also helps to repair and relieve areas of your skin that have been damaged or dried out.

    In order to reinforce the relaxing aspect of this CBD & Hemp body oil, the ASABIO laboratories have added peppermint oil: its very refreshing action and its recognized analgesic properties will help relieve your tensions and restore a state of well-being. be optimal, and this in a totally natural way.

    All the ingredients present in this body oil come from organic farming: each plant is grown in such a way as to respect nature, and of course, its farmers.

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