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Recognized as a high-performance natural cosmetic for  to strenghten  the epidermis and hydrate it  in depth by many peoples around the world, hemp seed oil from the cold pressing of organic hemp seeds, has a very beneficial nutritional contribution:  fatty acids in large quantities, vitamins, minerals and proteins. To reinforce its action, ASABIO laboratories have integrated Cananbidiol (CBD) into this product: it is one of the most studied and currently used hemp cannabinoids for its action on the skin: it has a strong regenerating power. cells and is recognized as a very effective antioxidant.

Nature has also provided us with an important asset:  hyaluronic acid  : it is the 'concrete' of our skin. In a completely natural way, it fills the empty spaces between the different cells of the epidermis, in order to effectively fight against the aging appearance of the skin on your face.

All the ingredients used in this anti-aging lifting serum by ASABIO laboratories are 100% organic, grown by farmers who respect nature and their environment.

Asabio Anti-Aging CBD Serum

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  • To be able to effectively fight against the first signs of aging of the skin, it is important to use natural products, moisturizing and regenerating the epidermis in depth. With the anti-aging lifting serum developed by ASABIO laboratories, you can take advantage of all the forces of nature: hemp seed oil and CBD (Cannabidiol), reinforced with hyaluronic acid.


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