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Cibdol CBD Oil 20%

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  • CIBDOL CBD oils  have for many years been recognized as being the most  healthy  and  beneficial CBD oils in Europe. These CBD oils are extracted from premium organic hemp  Swiss, guaranteeing an origin  controlled  and free from all  chemical products. Complying with French regulations by not offering THC, they are not psychedelicThe hemp used by Cibdol has been carefully selected to produce a CBD product  pure and clean, which does not vary according to production. He is  naturelet does not undergo any chemical input during its cultivation. CIBDOL CBD oil 10% is currently the most widely used oil in Europe.

    All the  CBD oils  from Cibdol are rigorously analyzed in independent laboratories, to guarantee the absence of fungi, contaminants, bacteria or mold, and of course their  cannabinoid levels. Their golden color proves the superior quality offered by the  Cibdol CBD oils  : total absence of impurities.

    After their cultivation, the hemp is integrated into an extraction process with  Supercritical CO2, which is currently the purest extraction system  : it allows an absence of contaminants and other solvents, and offers a pure and golden oil, which does not see its cannabinoid levels vary throughout the production of CBD oil, guaranteeing safety and irreproachable quality.

    Unlike many manufacturers who simply add CBD crystals to oil, the  Cibdol CBD oils  are therefore oils that offer a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, helping CBD to take advantage of  the entourage effect  and offer maximum efficiency, diluted with organic olive oil allowing good assimilation by the body. From now on, you can find your favorite 20% CBD oil in a version  hemp seed oil, in order to take advantage of the benefits of hemp as a whole.

    Thanks to its bottle  doser  and its rate of  Homogeneous CBD, you can bring  precisely  your needs  CBD  to your organization.

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