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Cibdol CBD Oil 5%

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  • Renowned for their  quality  and their  purity, the  CIBDOL CBD oils  are the benchmark for CBD oils in Europe. from  Swiss industrial hemp  of superior quality, these CBD oils do not cause any psychedelic effects because they only produce tiny traces of THC.

    Made from natural products, CIBDOL's 5% CBD oil remains the benchmark in the field in Europe.

    CBD oils 5% from CIBDOL  come from organic Swiss hemp, having only integrated into its cultivation and transformation process  no chemicals, toxic or industrial. Once the hemp is ripe, the extraction of the CBD is carried out using  CO2, a process recognized as the most  healthy  and the most  efficient CBD extraction system  : it allows to obtain an oil  pure, containing all the  cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing CBD a better efficiency of action in combination.

    CO2 extraction also allows for better stability  cannabinoids: the 5% CBD rate is well and truly respected as production progresses.

    Unlike many other oils,  CIBDOL CBD oils  are golden in color, thus proving a thorough refining in order to exclude all traces of impurities such as chlorophyll and wax. It is important to shake the bottle well before using it in order to homogenize the whole product, to take full advantage of its quality.

    Associated with  organic olive oil  in order to allow a good assimilation by the body, it is  ideal  for all your food preparations and can be used directly under the tongue, in addition to being practical to carry with its dropper format. From now on you can find CIBDOL 5% CBD oil in a version  hemp seed oil, to take advantage of all the benefits of this recognized vegetable oil. Thanks to a dare to  CBD  regular dose of 2.5 mg per drop, you can easily dose and provide your body with a precise number of mg of CBD.

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