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  • Nuance Verte has selected the best CBD oils on the market for you

    They are made with pure MCT Coconut Oil, extracted from 100% coconut oil. unlike most MCT oils on the market which are palm oils. And are flavored with quality food flavorings, complying with FDA/GMP/CE standards and labels.

    Innovative on the market and rich in natural cannabinoids, our CBD oils are made in France in our laboratory exclusively from noble materials.

    Our CBD Oils are a guarantee of quality & assure you of rigorous specifications. Indeed, the extraction of phyto-cannabinoids is 100% natural and carried out by a process without solvents or chemicals, patented by CIDS France.

    This new revolutionary process guarantees an entourage effect and therefore allows a faster assimilation of cannabinoids, in particular CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN.

    Perfectly adapted to consumption by sublingual route but also by local massage. In addition they do not contain GMOs & THC<0.2%.

    100% NATURAL

    DISCOVER our 3  Mint, Cherry or Vanilla Strawberry flavors to reduce the bitterness of hemp

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