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HEMPOINT hemp proteins are derived from hemp  European 100% organic. This hemp protein is produced by the mechanical sieving of the milling of hemp seed cake flour and offers a powder content of 47%.

hemp protein powder  is an all-natural source of plant-based protein that's gluten-free and lactose-free yet packed with nutritional benefits.

Hemp protein powder can be  added to energy drinks, smoothies or yogurt; sprinkled on a variety of foods, fruits or vegetables; used as a baking ingredient or added to nutrition bars.

He is the ideal candidate for  replace whey drinks for those who do sports or bodywork or replace meat in general.

The full representation of  all amino acids is a rare exception in vegetable proteins,  and one of them is hemp protein. In addition, you will find the perfect balance of all omega 3, 6 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids. Thanks to these properties, it is an excellent nutritional supplement.

All of our hemp protein ingredients are:  certified organic, allergen-free (without gluten, soy or lactose); suitable as a protein alternative for vegans, vegetarians and non-GMO.

  • High quality protein (complete amino acid composition)
  • It supports the formation of muscle mass
  • Helps to detoxify
  • Perfect balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 unsaturated fatty acids

Hemp protein powder is  a source of iron, folic acid and B vitamins. It is an ideal alternative to whey and animal protein to increase muscle mass not only for athletes, but for anyone who wants to stay in shape. Cannabis protein is a source of arginine and lysine, which play a key role in stimulating the release of hormones that support muscle building.

  • Protein drink: mix 1 tablespoon of protein with 250 ml of water, season with maple syrup, fruit, honey, etc.
  • Passion protein: 2 teaspoons of hemp protein, 250 ml of non-animal milk, 1 banana, a handful of goji, 1 teaspoon of spirulina, chlorella or young wheat. Mix everything and you can serve. Do not process at temperatures above 40 degrees. to preserve all the nutrients!

Organic Hemp Protein

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